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We are  pleased to introduce ourselves as an OEMís manufacture to Auto industry, Engine  Industries and Custom Manufacturing unit. We have our specialization in housing  for different kinds of Automobile and Engines used for 3 wheelers, Mini  Tractors and Diesel Engines. In auto industry we have a very large variety of  products manufactured as per our customers requirement, who are engaged in manufacturing  of automotive vehicles, tractors and engines.

Turbo  Tech Services was started in 2004. its original role was manufacturing of  precision  machined components as per  customers specification. Now Turbo-Tech services has turned up in one of the  largest manufacturer of machined parts as per customerís requirement like as  Auto Parts, Tractor Parts and Engine Parts.

We are constant growing  company, which has shown constant growth and improvement in productivity. By  implementing the techniques and technology in manufacturing process using  sophisticated machine tools. This has lead to drastic reduction in our lead  time for development of new components as well as execution of order in time.  Our target is to serve the engineering industry in every aspects of components  making and providing precision parts of high quality standards.


We are  basically manufacturing precision Auto parts on Automation. We are  manufacturing the three wheeler component like Gearbox housing, Differential  housing, front and rear Brake Drum etc. we are also manufacturing the Engine  Crank Case like Mini Tractors Engine Crank Case, Petrol and Diesel Engine Crank  Case etc. We are also manufacturing the Precision engineering components for  export purpose.

We are also doing the machining in any material  like cast iron, aluminum, forging steel, casting steel etc.

Pl. contact on info@turbo-techservices.com for more info.
Quick response to new  inquiry.
Quotes given with in 48 hrs on receipt of inquiry.
Rapid Sampling of components.
In time delivery with excellent quality products.
Immediate corrective and preventive actions are taken for customers complaints.
Understanding and establishing process for customers specific products.

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